Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lefou, I'm afraid I've been thinking . . .

I have been reading some blogs of some really good friends. Ups, downs, averages-successes, failures, blahs-disappointments, rejoicements, just plain ments. And through it all, I am charmed by you. There is strength and courage in each of you that makes my heart sing and my eyes misty. You make me grateful because you remind me so much of my Savior and His miraculous and powerful charity.

I spoke in church about "Charity never faileth" and among my post Easter musings I have found great comfort in the this phrase, which contains the only true hyperbole I have ever come across. The more I muse about charity the more I think my muse is charity. It inspires me. The impression sinks deep into my soul that charity can heal all wounds, bind all breaks, mend all tears and generally do the impossible. Hatred crumbles to ash and disperses to the wind. Bitter souls find solace. My bruised and broken soul finds heaven. What could possibly be more miraculous?

The love in Christ redeemed mankind. He embraced us and this one act continues to rescue us each and every time we fall.

Your lives are my charity, making the pain worthwhile and the joy more joyus. Thanks for the love!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have been remiss.

Hello again, blogging community! Sorry I've been missing for so long. Life got the better of me. I will try and offer a comprehensive, yet brief, summary of my to-dos since I last posted.

I finished my first semester of grad. classes (glory be!), and enrolled for Spring classes, all of which looked more promising than the ones I had just finished. I went home for Christmas break and enjoy the redicolously long four and a half weeks that U of Iowa gives its students. I was marvelous. Christmas was beautiful and the whole family was home.

New Year's day came and went and I had the great fortune to spend it with Nikki Barkume, Kim, Curtis and Phil in Cedar City. On New Year's day Papa Barkume took us out ice fishing, and it was my first adventure of this kind. I had a blast!! Behold the pictures:

I then went back to Iowa (just missing a week of sub-zero temperatures where people were advised to not be outside longer that 10 minutes) and commenced a much better semester than the last one.

Work, work, (Phil came for Valentine's Day, awww . . .) work . . . Spring Break!!! I came to Utah and expected to spend a week there when Phil declared: "Let's go to Vegas!" To Vegas we went. Behold the pictures:

Now I am slaving away in that end of semester crunch where everything is due in the next three weeks, and where did the rest of the semester go?!?!
I love you all. I love the Lord. I really enjoyed listening to the words of the Apostles and Prophets in General Conference and then remembering the Atonement of our Savior, without which all is for naught. I am blessed beyond reason, and am more grateful than I can say!