Thursday, August 28, 2008

To the Starting Line

On your mark.

Get Set.

Um . . .

This being the first week of class I kept expecting to get busy. Hmm. Waiting . . . waiting . . .

I'm sure I'll regret saying this in another week's time, but so far it has been decidedly anti-climactic. Oh well, another day, another dollar-spent.

I met with my advisor for my Digital Fellow project and I will be working with a collection of readings from a locally broadcast program called Pairie Lights. This will involve digitizing the recordings from their original format (sometimes reel-to-reel!), and then finding the best way to sort them, store them and make them available to the public via a website linked to the Virtual Writing University.

I have learned three things in the last week, though. 1) Being alone is difficult for social butterflies. 2) Keep your boyfriend as close to you as humanly possible. 3) Don't read Priscilla Presley biographies when you are relatively alone and relatively unoccupied. Earth shattering, I know. You should be taking notes.

On a lighter note--my new roommate has arrived!! Enter Stage Left: Amy Scott. She is great and amazing, and has already made our little pad more of a home. Yeah, thanks Amy! Amy is in the non-fiction writing program working on an MFA and is coming to us from California, then BYU where she completed her Undergraduate degree. She just finished up a year interning with the Smithsonian in Washingon, D.C. (Not the State, Aunt Connie.) She pretty much rocks.

Amusing Story: I was at the Coralville Public library working at a computer station when a cute Asian family of three gathered to use the one across from me. Mother, Father, three year old (ish) daughter. The mom was working on the computer, occupying the chair and effectively ignoring the child's prattle, which went something like this: "Mom, would you please let me use the chair? Could I get in the chair, Mom? I need to get those (presumably the pencil and paper) and I can't reach. Mom, can I? Mom?" The precocious, and adorable young thing continued in like manner for several minutes. Mom: "Um-hmm. What dear? umm . . ." Next, the sly young thing is asking "Mom, can I use the bathroom? I need to go to the bathroom. Mom . . ." Mom: "Okay, just a minute." Then, the moment mom gets up for the errand where do you think the three year old re-locates? Quite miraculously she no longer needs to use the bathroom!! Parents beware. This is the generation of the future!

That is all. Scroll down for food for thought.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Settled At Last

I am finally in my new place, and it's adorable! I love it to pieces.

In a rush-rush week I finished up my two summer classes, moved into a new apartment, said good-bye to three great friends, and taken over the Branch Relief Society.

I got the keys to my new place last Tuesday night and that very night my beautiful friends and I moved a majority of my things in. That night we played games on the empty floor of the front room. On Wednesday I helped clean the old place until the moment I had to run to class. I handed my keys over to Tina and Gloria and they moved my furniture in for me!!! I am truly blessed in my friends. That night I was equally blessed with the opportunity of having them both stay over. Tina stayed the next night too! But, by early Friday morning I was alone again.

Saturday I did essential things like unpack my belongings and getting my library card for the local public library! Everything went smoothly and here are some pictures!!

Sunday most of the branch had gone to a young singles adult activity in Des Moines that lasted all weekend, leaving me with the run of the show-as far as Relief Society goes. There was confusion and tardiness that caused me to miss the PEC meeting (blush), but the Spirit was strong in the remainder of the meetings and I was able to conduct and teach the lesson without incident. I hope the sisters have had enough of me for a while, though! (Or, maybe not. I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting next week.) ;)

I picked up another good friend at church on Sunday who was passing back through before she moves to Atlanta, Georgia and she'll be with me until tomorrow morning. Which only leaves me a couple of days before Phil comes to visit!! Yay! Yay! Phil is coming to visit! And, then my roommate will move in! All-in-all, I am truly blessed of the Lord. (If you scroll to the bottom you'll find some food for thought.)