Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahhh . . .

Well, I finally got 'round to it. Here is my blog. I anticipate it will change drastically, or at least semi-drastically.

To start I just want to state that I'm still torn on this new state. Iowa seems to have many charms, but I'm not feeling them on a daily basis just yet. I made a few truly amazing friends, but sadly they have found new direction just as I have. Only their new direction is away from Iowa while mine is to stay. Bye-bye new cool friends. Hello square one.

A brief synopsis of my adventures thus far: Arrive in Iowa and tour it up with family and boyfriend. Family and boyfriend leave Iowa and I commence crying myself to sleep at night. Within the week a fellow fellow is ousted from her apartment owing to the epic flood of '08 and is sleeping on my floor. At week's end classes are canceled owing to the epic flood of '08 and I find myself on the road again to Sioux Falls, SD to enjoy the security and calming promise of electricity and untainted water. Welcome to Iowa. (View Slide show of the epic flood of '08 , right. The images don't do justice to the destruction.)

Commence week of boredom and attempting to complete as much homework as possible so as to not get behind, and feeling very blessed by the presence of my webcam so that I can still see Phil's charming features.

Once back in Iowa I attempt to establish a comfy living environment without unpacking too much as I will be moving again at the end of July. I miss Phil . His beautimous father offers to help fly me out over the weekend of the 4th. Yes, please? Blessed weekend of the comforts of home and boyfriend (which seem to be more and more synonymous with each passing day).

Cue pain of separation all over again. Cue boredom with classes all over again. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I have enjoyed learning some new things, meeting some amazing people and getting my new calling as 2nd counselor in the Branch (yes, Branch) RS presidency.

I move in exactly one week. Whirlwind set of months. (Or, should I say tornado? There have been plenty.)

Oh, and ps: I saw fireflies for the first time ever!! Thank you Tina and Jamie !! And, of course, Phil. Always Phil.