Sunday, December 26, 2010


That's right, folks. Phil has finally popped the question! For two weeks straight, following finals, he disappeared into secrecy and covert operations. I thought I would see more of him when he was out of school, but alas! We would go into a store and be wondering around, suddenly he would say "Ok, you need to go wait outside now!" Um, okay. So, after two weeks of this type of behavior he finally let me know that he was finished with his project and was ready to ask me. He picked me up after work on Thursday (I got off at 7:45 pm) and we drove to Salt Lake City. He made reservations for us at Tuscany. We arrived a little early and he kept ensuring that the restaurant knew we were there for a special occasion! I was getting a little nervous, but I shouldn't have worried. We order dinner: Me with my Hawaiian Sea Bass. Delicious!! Although, I thought the Hearty Chicken Vegetable Soup may have been even better. (Gasp!) Here is Phil with his Up Scale Meatloaf! That's right, folks. Meatloaf.
When we were done eating Phil came to sit by me and pulled a little wrapped gift out of his pocket. "This is for you, but open it carefully."

I unwrapped a little book . . . as I opened the cover I started to realize that this was a very unique book. Phil had written the story of our dating experience. It was witty and charming. But, not only had he written up the highlights of our years of dating he had figured out how to paginate the page segments, sew them to the binding, create the cover and publish the entire thing from scratch! He was even very careful to make sure that he used all acid free products so that the book would be preserved over time. It is totally impressive. In a later post I will document the process he went through, as he was good enough to document his efforts with pictures. :)

This is me opening the book.

This is me reading the book. I had strict instructions not to go past a certain place in the book. When I got to the marked place, Phil took that book and turned it a couple more pages. Inside the book he had created a hidden compartment. Inside the compartment he had tied my ring! It is so beautiful. He took the ring out of the book and knelt down . . . right there in the restaurant! I said yes, of course! He gave me a hug and said, "We're getting married!" "It's about time," I responded. :)
Ring on my finger!
Room where we got engaged. Our adorable waiter took this picture!

Beautiful blown glass chandelier, Tuscany entry way. Below are some more glamour shots of the ring! I am so blessed. Phil is the best guy I have ever known. He is so patient with my flaws and makes me feel like a gorgeous and dynamic woman. I am so in love, and I have the distinct impression that I am only scratching the surface of how in love I will fall with Phil.

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